New television show STAR


Star is a television show directed by the visionary and creative behind empire, precious and the butler to name a few, none other than Lee Daniels.

STAR takes you through the journey of three talented young girls on their rise to stardom and the trials and tribulations faced to get there.

The three main characters are played by Ryan Destiny(Alexandra) ,Jude Demorest (Star) and Brittany O’grady(Simone) whose chemistry both as actors and singers corresponds so well.

The talent and music interpreted throughout the series is brilliant and engaging.

The shows also touches on many sensitive and thought provoking issues which will leave the viewer wanting to watch the next episode to find out how the characters dealt with their situations.

The show also stars the amazing Queen Latifah and Quincy Brown, with guest appearances from Tyrese, Lenny Kravitz, Missy Elliott, Naomi Campbell and Gladys Knight.

This show is definitely a must watch and if you haven’t already Check It Out!

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